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Providing Reliable Trucking Services For Over 60 Years

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For over 60 years, Torq has provided a wide range of trucking and logistics services with our fleet of over 200 units throughout Western Canada.

We steadily operate 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. 

We pride ourselves on delivering superior, safe service and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement. Our dedicated management and field personnel provide customer-focused operational execution, safety, and quality work.

Fluid Hauling

We work with a diverse customer base offering fluid hauling services for a variety of products and commodities and can provide both infield or long-haul services.

Equipment We Operate

• 406/407 Tri-Axles
• Insulated 407 Super B’s
• Tandem-Tri’s
• Tri-Tri’s
• Tri-Quad’s
• Body Job’s

Fluids We Work With

• Clean Oil
• Emulsion
• Produced & Fresh Water
• Blowback Fluid
• Condensate
• Biofuels
• Feedstock
• Refined Fuels
• Distillates
• Chemicals

Approved Carrier At

Vac Trucks/Service Work

We have very skilled operators with decades of experience at Torq. We specialize in tasks such as hydro-excavation and liquid waste removal. With our expertise in operating complex equipment, we ensure safe and efficient disposal of materials while adhering to environmental regulations and maintaining a clean and functional infrastructure.

Equipment We Operate:

  • Straight Vac
  • Combo Vac
  • Hydrovac
  • Floater Truck
  • 5-30 m3 Water Trucks

Services We Offer Include

Oilfield Services

• Drilling & Completions
• Production Maintenance, Workovers & Turnarounds
• Well Abandonment
• Tank & Railcar Cleaning
• Frac Tank Filling
• Frac Sand Cleanup
• Hot & Cold Water Supply For Drilling & Service Rigs


• Daylighting For Pipeline & Underground Utilities
• Flowline Hydrovacing
• Dust Suppression
• Water Spraying
• Calcium Spraying
• Grain Terminal Cleanouts
• Sump Cleanouts

Residential and Agricultural

• Hot & Cold Water Supply Available
• Supply Fills For Hot Tubs, Pools, Dugouts, Ice Rinks

Environmental and Remediation Services

• 24-Hour Emergency Response
• Spill Cleanup

Flat Deck Hauling

Flat deck hauling is a type of transportation that utilizes flatbed trailers to transport goods of all kinds. It offers versatility and convenience, accommodating oversized and irregularly shaped cargo, with the ability to keep this cargo clean and dry throughout transport.

The open design allows for easy loading and unloading, making it suitable for construction materials, machinery, and large equipment. Torq’s flat deck hauling capabilities facilitates efficient logistics and ensures secure transportation of cargo.

Join Our Team

Torq is made up of motivated and hard-working professionals across Western Canada. We are known for our: quality work, safety culture and longevity in the industry.  We are always looking for professionals with a safety-first attitude. Torq offers benefits, competitive wages, flexible schedules, and a rewarding career.

Commitment to Safety

Torq’s safety commitment extends to protecting our employees, clients, property, the environment, and residents of the communities we serve. We are COR certified and registered with ISN and ComplyWorks.